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Coming Soon!

A new game from Woodcrest Games

Our first!

Do you like puzzles? Brain-teasers?

Do you love escape rooms but are stuck at home?

Introducing Escape: The Brother's Saloon. A solo escape room adventure on Steam. No time limits. No hints. Just you, trapped in a room. Can you escape?



Woodcrest Games is about living our childhood dreams: making the games that we want to play. Join us on our quest to bring new and engaging games to the indie market. With a focus on quality and unique mechanics, we're sure you'll enjoy what we have to offer.

Meet the Team

Reid Wallace
Serial Grinder
Nick Kyger
The Brains
Chris Jarmul
Video Games

Video Games

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Be on the lookout for the PC version of our upcoming football board game!

Board Games
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Board Games

Coming Soon to Amazon!

Watch this space for announcements regarding our upcoming games:

Untitled Football Card Game

  • Face off against an opponent in a game of football, right from your table!

  • Pick your plays to march down the field or make a stop​

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